The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

3 Ways To Prevent Rust In Your Air Compressor

by Todd Edwards

An air compressor can last for many years (you can try this out here with professional help), whether you use it at home or in a commercial setting. However, one thing that can cause serious damage to your air compressor is rust. Rust can occur inside the tank or on the outside of the unit, and either way, it can present a big problem. Luckily, following these tips should help. 

1. Drain Your Tank Daily

First of all, you have to make sure that you drain the water out of your tank every day. Allowing water to sit in the tank for extended periods of time can cause the tank to rust from the inside out, and the problem with this is that it can be a lot more difficult to handle rust on the inside of the tank than on the outside. Luckily, draining the water out on a daily basis can help prevent this problem.

2. Store Your Air Compressor in the Right Place

Even though your air compressor is a tough unit, it can still be damaged if it isn't stored properly. Keeping it in a dry place can help prevent it from becoming rusty, so make sure that you keep it in your garage, in a storage building or inside your shop, where it cannot get wet. This can not only help prevent rust, but it can also help prevent water damage to other components of your unit and can make it last a whole lot longer. It will also keep it looking better.

3. Keep it Clean and Painted

In a busy day of working with your air compressor, it's normal for it to get a little dirty. It might get dirty and greasy in your shop, or it might get debris on it when you are using it to provide power for a tool. Even though it might be normal for it to get dirty, you won't want to leave the debris on your air compressor for long, or it could contribute to a rusting problem. Make sure that you clean it off regularly, and paint it when it needs it -- such as when the paint begins to chip or after noticing a small amount of rust -- to help keep it in good condition.

Rust can be a major problem for any air compressor, but if you follow these three tips, you should be able to prevent this issue so that you can keep your air compressor working and in good condition for longer.


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The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

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