The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

3 Tips For Maintaining Check Valves

by Todd Edwards

Check valves are extremely important parts in many industrial settings, so it's important to be able to rely on them to help prevent the backflow of water or other liquid. In order to keep them reliable, it is essential to take good care of them. Luckily, maintenance for check valves is generally pretty easy, so follow these tips to keep your check valves in good shape.

1. Clean Them Regularly

On a regular basis, it is smart to remove check valves to check for debris, then to clean them thoroughly. This is important for a few reasons. First of all, even small pieces of debris that get stuck in a check valve can cause devastating leaks, so it's important to remove debris as quickly as possible. Additionally, some types of debris can cause check valves to wear down or rust more quickly.

2. Check for Rust

As with most parts, it is smart to check your check valves regularly to look for rust. If you notice any rust or corrosion, you will need to replace the check valve. Rust or corrosion could be a sign that the check valve is going to fail at some point in the near future, which is probably something that you want to combat now rather than in an emergency situation when the check valve is not working as it is supposed to. Plus, rust can cause contamination of the liquids that come in contact with the valve, which can cause product quality issues for the products that you manufacture.

3. Ensure They are Attached Properly

When inspecting your check valves or removing them for cleaning, it is important to ensure that they are attached properly when they are put back on. Even if they are only slightly crooked, you have to worry about the potential for both uneven wear and tear and leaks. Check valves should be screwed on securely and evenly to help prevent any problems.

Taking care of your company's check valves is not a difficult thing to do. However, just because it is simple does not mean that it should be ignored. If you focus on these three basic maintenance tips, or if you ask your maintenance crew to pay attention to them when doing their routine maintenance, you can help ensure that your check valves remain in good, working condition and that they will last for as long as possible, thus saving your company money.

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The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

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