The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

3 Quick Safety Tips To Follow With Forklift Batteries In Your Workplace

by Todd Edwards

Battery-powered forklifts just make sense over their fuel-powered counterparts in the modern-day business. Therefore, the batteries that you use to power your business forklifts are an ever important fixture in your place of business. They will be handled frequently for recharges and will often need to be replaced. While many business owners look at these batteries as just an ordinary object, they actually create the possibility for workplace injury if the rules are not followed. Take a look at these quick safety tips that must be followed in your place of business where forklift batteries are concerned. 

Make sure only trained personnel handle the forklift batteries during charging. 

Forklift batteries can be heavy and cumbersome; plus, they can release sulfuric acid, which can cause burns to the skin when the battery is improperly handled. Furthermore, improper handling and charging of the battery can cause costly damage or prevent the battery from lasting as long as it should. For these reasons, it is absolutely crucial that only people within your business who are trained in forklift battery handling be allowed to handle and charge the batteries. 

Make sure equipment is parked and shut down before an attempt to remove the battery. 

Trying to remove a battery from a forklift that is still running or not properly parked can damage the battery and the forklift. Therefore, it is a must that all handlers know that the equipment they are removing a battery from must be in a parked position and shut down before they attempt to remove the battery. 

Set up a designated cool area for charging stations. 

Forklift battery chargers can release a lot of heat during the charging process. Because of this, it is a really good idea to only set up charging stations in an area that has an ample amount of air circulation. If the area where the batteries are charging gets too heated, your batteries can be damaged during the charging process. Likewise, it is always best to set up designated areas for forklift battery charging stations that is far enough away from workers that they will not be affected by the heat emitted. 

With proper handling and good rules in place, you can see the investment in forklift batteries for your business last longer.  Talk to an industrial battery sales and service center for more information about safety rules you should be following with your forklift batteries. 


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The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

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