The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

Positive And Negative Space Around Film Cores: What It Means For The Cores

by Todd Edwards

In art, artists talk about positive and negative space. Positive space is occupied by an object. Negative space is all of the unoccupied space, or air, around an object. There is positive and negative space everywhere. When you are making and using film cores for manufacturing, for example, the cores take up positive space while the air around them takes up negative space. The negative space is eventually consumed by the materials extruded around the core itself. Here is what that means for the cores:

The Cores Are Shaping the Material That Is Extruded Around Them

The primary purpose of any film core is that it provides the interior shape of the material being extruded. The material is filling the negative space and moving around the positive space of the core. The positive space of the core is acting as a reservation unit for the negative space that will replace the positive space being held by the core. Try and bend your mind around this concept, and you will see that bending your mind around it is a lot like the material being pushed around the film core.

The Power of Negativity Alters the Cores

While film cores are the positive space in this industrial process, the power of negativity cannot be denied. The more often a particular core is used, the more it will wear down. This creates more negative space through which the extruded material can be pushed. The original design of the product produced as a result of this process is altered, and the new negative space inside the extruded product ends up being the wrong size. The film core has to be replaced if the original design and integrity of the product is to remain the same.

Forging New Positive Space via Film Cores Restores the Products

When you need to forge new film cores, you are creating new positive space. Air (or negative space) is filled or refilled by the new cores. Everything has come full circle, like some strange industrial yin and yang, and the end products of this extrusion process are the proof of it. The cores, depending on the volume or product requested by the consumer, may need to be replaced a couple of times or not at all. The perfection of filled and vacant space of the product is successful, and the cores can be reused until they are finished and worn out.


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The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

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