The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

Three Benefits of Hypodermic Needles

by Todd Edwards

A hypodermic needle is a very thin and hollow medical tool that is most often used as a syringe to either inject fluids into the human body or extract blood. If you will soon be opening your own doctor's office or you work inside of a hospital, you likely know that the hypodermic needle is used numerous times by medical professionals every single day. Here are three key reasons why the hypodermic needle is the needle of choice for many doctors and nurses.

Less Pain for the Patient

Hypodermic needles are designed to be effective while using a much smaller diameter to penetrate the skin and blood vessel than other types of needles. This means that the patient will feel less pain while the needle is being used and in the aftermath because the vessel or vein will not be as damaged. The patient will be able to recover quickly or at the very least will be able to withstand continued treatment in the same spot on their body.

Less Risk of Contamination or Infection

Hypodermic needles are also popular because of the low risk of infection or contamination. Because every hypodermic needle is completely smooth, it is more difficult for airborne germs to find a place to settle. The other reason there is such a low contamination risk goes back to the needle having a very small diameter and therefore creating a very small hole when puncturing a vein. It has already been mentioned that this helps reduce pain for the patient, but it can also help protect them infection because not as many germs or microbes will be able to get through the tiny puncture and penetrate the body.

Cost Effective

Because of the benefits provided, hypodermic needles are one of the most popular medical needle types used on a daily basis in hospitals and doctor's offices around the world. This means it will be relatively easy and cost effective to source more hypodermic needles from a medical needle manufacturing service. Hypodermic needles tend to be mass produced, and needles with a wide variety of diameter options are available.

The hypodermic needle remains the gold standard for any medical professional looking to draw blood or inject medication into a patient. Reach out to a local medical needle company today to start a long-term relationship and ensure that your hospital or facility never runs out of this very important medical tool.


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The Importance Of Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

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